HomeAdvance Mobile Repairing Course E-Book (हिन्दी) 2024
Advance Mobile Repairing Course E-Book (हिन्दी) 2024
Advance Mobile Repairing Course E-Book (हिन्दी) 2024

Advance Mobile Repairing Course E-Book (हिन्दी) 2024

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E-Book Syllabus

Advance Mobile Repairing

Course E-Book (हिन्दी)

Learn All Android and iPhone Smartphone Mobile Repairing Technician Training Course in Hindi. Know about mobile repairing course syllabus in this E-Book.

Table of Content:-

Android Mobile PCB Diagram

Understand Android Smartphone Mobile PCB (Motherboard)

iPhone Mobile PCB Diagram

Understand Apple iPhone

Smartphone Mobile PCB (Motherboard)

Mobile Phone Parts and Functions

Various types parts on Android and iPhone Smartphone Motherboard -

  1. Small Parts
  2. Big Parts and All IC
  3. Card And Socket Parts

Mobile Phone Components Identification and knowledge

Various Types SMD Small Parts on Android and iPhone Smartphone PCB Identify, Works And Faults -

SMD Capacitors

Non Electrolytic Capacitor

Electrolytic Capacitor

Network Capacitor

SMD Coils

Coil Boost Coil

SMD Diodes

Charging Diode Photo Diode Zener Diode Rectifier Diode Light Emitting Diode

SMD Resistance and Resistor

Chip Resistance Network Resistance




Network Crystal

Others All SMD Parts


Android mobile components testing and checking

How to test and checking Various Kinds small parts of Android and iPhone Smarphone with a DIgital Multimeter -

Test Resistors

Test Diodes - Rectifier Diode Test

Photo Diode Testing

Test Charging Diode

Zener Diode Checking

Capacitors Testing - Checking Non Eletrolytic Capacitors

Eletrolytic Capacitors Testing

Test Network Capacitors

Testing Transistor

Coupler Testing

Regulator Checking

Checking Voltage on Small Parts


Android & iPhone Mobile IC's

Types of Mobile IC

Various kinds of IC on PCB of Android and iPhone Smartphone

Understand position of IC on Android and iPhone Mobile Motherboard Android and iPhone Mobile Phone All IC Identification, Works and Faults -

Various Sections and IC Functions

Network Section

Network IC

Wifi and Bluetooth IC


5G Module



RF Transceiver

GNSS Receiver

LNA/RF Switch

RF Reciever

Power Section

Power IC (PMIC) Identify

Flash Memory IC

CPU and Processor's



Camera IC

Flash IC

Audio IC

Ringer and Speaker IC


Memory Card IC

Graphic Controller IC

Apps Processor

NFC Secure Controlller

Audio Amplifier Module

Audio Codec IC

Display Power Management IC

Camera PMIC

Front End Module

Power Amplifier Module

Envelope Tracker IC

Wireless Charging Receiver IC

Battery Management IC

Wireless Combo IC

Power Amplifier Module

Charger IC

GSM and PAM Module

All IC Tesing and Checking With IC Tester

Android Mobile Big Parts on PCB

Real Time Clock

Electronic Compass

Fingerprint Sensor

Voltage Regulator

Bio Sensor

Antenna Switch

MEMS Sensors

MEMS Nano Pressure Sensor

MEMS Accelerometer and Gyroscope


Android Mobile Card Level Parts

Various Card Level Parts on Android and iPhone Smartphone Motherboard - Identification, Works and Faults.


Rear Camera Single/Dual/Triple

Front Camera Single/Dual/Triple

Flash Light





Display Glass

Temper Glass

Headphone Socket/Jack

Removable Battery

Non Removable Battery

Flex Cables

Front Flash Light

Charger Connecter

Home Key Button

Back Button

Recents button

Volume Up Down Button

Power ON/OFF Button

Touch Screen

2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, VOLTE & 5G Antenna

Vibrator Motor

Proximity/Light sensor

Edge screen

Fingerprint recognition sensor

Multipurpose jack

SIM card tray

Memory Card Tray

GPS antenna

NFC antenna / MST antenna / Wireless charging coil

Rear Cover Adhesive

Rear Camera Bezel Adhesive

Rear Glass Panel/Cover

Rear Camera Bezel and Lens Cover

Android Mobile Display Adhesive

Main Motherboard

Lower Motherboard

Bottom Motherboard

Daughterboard PCB

Loudspeaker assembly

Front-facing camera connector

Display and digitizer connector

Antenna ribbon cable

Battery connector

Rear-facing camera connector

Testing Various Card Level parts using multimeter.

How to Voltage Checking on Parts During Android and iPhone Smartphone Repair.


Mobile Repairing Tools

Learn Using Various Latest Mobile Repairing Tools during Mobile Repair -

Soldering Iron

Soldering Station

Solder Wire

Solder Paste

Jumper Wire

Paste Flux

Liduid Flux

Mobile Phone Opener

PCB Holder & Stand




Magnifying Lamp


Desoldering Wire

Hot Air Blower

Mobile Repairing Tool Kit

Screwdriver Kit Set

T4/T5/T6 Precision Scredriver

ESD Cleaning Brush

Tweezers Kit

PCB Cleaner


Test JIG Box

DC Power Supply

Battery Tester

Ultrasonic Cleaner

LCD Tester

Battery Booster

IRDA Workstation

Nose Cutter

Point Cutter

Blade Cutter

Cleaning Sponge

Wrist Strap

ESD Safe Hand Gloves

Smoke Absorber


Screen Clamp Plastic Clip

Screen Opening Scraper

Adhesive LCD Display Frame Glue

Mobile Phone LCD Screen Opening Tools

Screen and Glass Repair Machine

Touch Screen Tester


Card and Chip Level Mobile Repairing

Learn to solder and remove all types of different mobile parts on Any Android & iPhone Mobile Motherboard.

Solder, Remove and Change Parts -

Small Parts like - Capacitors, Resistors, Transistor, Regulator, Coils and other types small parts.

All IC and Big Parts.

All Card Level Parts.

Make Jumper

Jumper making

Check connection track and find faults

IC Faults Checking


Mobile Hardware Repairing

Learn practically fix and Repair All types hardware faults or problems in Any Android and iPhone Smartphone.

Repair Audio and Sound Related Problems -

Speaker Not Working

Ringer Not Working

MIC Not Working

Slow sound from the speaker.

No clean sound from the ringer.

Mic not recording voice.

MIC not sent voice.

Headphone Not Connected.

Music Not Play in Smartphone.

Not Sound during

Fix Touch Screen and Display Related Faults -

Display Not Working

Touch Not Working

Slow Touch Problem

Half Screen Problem

Home Key Batton Not Working Proper

Recent & Back Button Problems.

Repair Broken Screen.

Fix Cracked Screen Glass.

Repair Display and Glass Using OCA Machine.

Network Related Problems Solution -

Wifi And Bluetooth Not Working

Network Signal Not Found

Insert SIM


Network Error

Internet Not Connected

Facebook Not Running

Whatsapp Not Running

Voice Call Problem

Video Call Problems

Fix 4G, LTE And Volte Related Problems

Weak Network Problem

Phone network signal not catching

Google Not Running

Mobile Data On Off Related Problems

SIM and Memory Card Problems Solution -

Fix All Types of Card and Memory Related Problems

SIM Card Not Showing in Mobile Phone

Memory Card Not Showing

Memory Card Data Error

Memory Card Lock

Show Memory Card Hidden Data

Open Memory Card and Know Password

Fingerprint,Flash lightt and Camera Problems Solution -

Fingerprint sensor not working

flash light not working

Repair all types Rear and Front Camera Problems

Camera not Capture Photos

Capture photos not Show in File Folder

Camera not capture clean picture

Camera not capture photos with flash light

Flash light not On

Camera not open

Fix and Repair Dead Android or iPhone Smartphone -

Repair Any Dead Smartphone

Fix PCB Shorting

Any Parts Shorting Problem

Smartphone On Off Problem Solution

Solved Overheating Problem

Battery and Charging Related Problems Solution -

Battery Not Charging

Charger not connected

Battery Full Charge but Showing Empty Battery Level

Battery drain fast

Slow battery charging

Water Drop and Wet Smartphone Repair.

Learn All types others Android and iPhone Mobile Hardware Problems Solution.


Mobile Software Repairing:-

learn to solution all types of Android and iPhone Software related problems using flashing tool and simple steps.

Update OS in Any Android Smartphone using Flashing Tools.

Upgrade OS in Any Android Smartphone.

Update and Upgrade iOS in Any iPhone Model.

Unlock All Types of Locks, Like - Pattern Lock, Keyword Lock, Fingerprint, Face Match and Password lock.

Remove Virus in Any Smartphone.

All types Wifi, Network and Internet related software problem solution.

GPS, Blootooth Related Software Problems Solution.

Apps and RAM Memroy Related Problems.

Secure smartphone from unknown Application.

Set permissson on Apps.

Internet Setting APN.

Show hidden apps, photos, videos and Music in Smartphone.

Increase running speed.

Your Phone is Not Charging

Failing Battery

Broken Buttons

Camera Lens Is Broken Or Hazy

Faulty Power Switch

Unresponsive Touch Screen

Bad auto correct suggestions

Frozen and slow user interface

Connectivity issues

Google Now problems

Stalled text messages


App crashes

Deleted Data Recovery

Smartphone Hangs.

Smartphone Auto On and Off Problem.

White Screen Problem

Nothing Show on Screen.

Slow Phone

Bad Battery Life

Overheating Phone

Full Storage Space

App Crashes / Freezes

Phone Freezes

Apps Not Downloading

MicroSD Card Not Working

Wet Cell Phone Software Issues

Damaged Charging Port

Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps

Google Play Store Crashes

Connectivity Issues

Synchronization Failures

Unsent Messages

Control Center Button Does Not Respond

iPhone Overheats

Issues to Connect to WiFi

The Screen Is Not Bright Enough

Unable To Connect To The App Store


Learn All types others Android and iPhone Mobile Software Problems Solution.

Finally, In This Book, You will learn complete mobile hardware and software repairing course in Hindi. Learn All Brands Mobile Repairing in This Book. 100% Practically.

Last updated: April, 2024

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